Get Your SHAKTI:  

SHAKTI incorporates the best practices of the masters of life insurance sales

Think Globally To Act Locally.

SHAKTI is an acronym that stands for Skills, Habits, Attitude, and Knowledge Training Intervention. SHAKTI denotes power and strength to succeed in selling and managing sales performances in life insurance sales. In order to succeed in the most difficult task of success in life insurance sales and sales management specific skills have to be mastered along with a sense of discipline that takes the practical form of working habits. In order to use the skills and to form habits, one needs to master the knowledge that the skills represent. When working habits are maintained over a period of time, the working attitudes develop leading to legendary performances.

IIST has developed special training models that make this practically possible. Coaching is provided on specific skills and techniques in the classroom, along with mentorship support for implementation of the skills on which coaching has been provided. The coaching process also identifies the desirable working habits and IIST works with the trainees to implement those habits.

SHAKTI is available through 5 certification courses and through short duration (2/3 days each) coaching programs. The certification courses are:

•  Certified Life Insurance Mater (CLIM):

The SHAKTI to attain Vision.

Designed for the super achievers and legends of life insurance sales and sales management to help them create a business enterprise of high brand value and a business that can be inherited with pride.

•  Certified Life Insurance Sales Professional (CLISP):

The SHAKTI to attain a legendary status in sales.

Designed to train sales persons on the skills of the sales process, from prospecting to closing.

•  Certified Life Insurance Sales Manager (CLISM):

The SHAKTI to attain leadership of sales persons.

Designed to train those responsible for managing the feet-on-street, on how to manage the sales process, motivate the field force and also on how to recruit the field force.

•  Certified Life Insurance Trainer (CLIT):

The SHAKTI to be friend and guide to sales persons.

Designed to help trainers equip themselves professionally to meet the demands of training life insurance sales persons. Trainees are trained on the proven SHAKTI Model and the tools and techniques of SHAKTI.

•  Certified Life Insurance Financial Advisor (CLIFA):

The SHAKTI to meet the needs of modern market conditions.

Designed for those sales persons who want to gain knowledge of financial markets and investment planning. Especially suited for those sales persons dealing with high net worth individuals and for those who seek to balance traditional products and ULIPs in an ethically correct manner. CLIFA is also available in the correspondence mode.