Sample Short Duration training programs   

for Branch Managers/Development Officers/Unit Managers :

(Between 2 – 3 days each)

 Goal setting and incentives:

This module will cover SMART goal setting for the agent and for the agent’s supervisor.

 Regular recruitment of quality agents:

This module will cover methods of prospecting for agents, and methods of interview and selection. Tools for use at work shall be provided.

 Sales Activity Management for sales performance:

This module shall introduce the student to the concept of sales activity management and its significance in ensuring sales performance of the agent. This module shall provide the student with an appreciation on the need for good working habits for himself and his agent.

 Coaching and Mentoring – the first 3 months:

This module shall equip the student with the tools to implement sales activity management in practice during the first three months, from the time of selection. The student will also be equipped with effective coaching and mentoring methods that can be used for developing sales skills of agents.

 Designing customer benefits from product features:

This module will equip the student with an ability to convert product features into product benefits for the customer and present benefits to customers. The student will also be trained on the method of coaching his agent on this module.

 Advanced objection handling:

This module will equip the student to anticipate objections and prepare presentations that take care of a set of 5 typical objections. The module will build on the objection handling technique taught in Level 1 of the CLISP program.

 Coaching and mentoring – after 3 months:

This module will equip the student to coach the agent on call reluctance, referral gathering, generating leads, and handling objections in the secondary market of the agent.

 Negotiation skills:

This module shall cover the managerial skills required to conduct negotiations with agents and shall include, meetings management, conflict management and resolution, and managerial records that need to be maintained.

 Leadership and self-development:

This module will explore the leadership style of the student and will offer tips on how to build on its strengths. The module will also help the student the areas in which further self-development activities he needs to undertake in order to maintain leadership over his agents.

 Short Duration Programs on Wealth Management and Asset Allocation :  

Foundations of Wealth Management

Investment risk, return, yield, asset allocation/portfolio management


Financial Markets and Products

Normal savings avenues, life insurance, ULIPs, money markets, debt markets, and share markets


Financial Designing

Planning for children, retirement planning NRI & HNI wealth management, planning for youth


Selling Traditional Products in the Modern Market

Positioning life insurance products in the total basket of financial products


 Other popular short duration programs include :  

  •  Recruit 20 quality agents in one month
  •  How do I activate my agents?
  •  Graduate beyond your natural market
  •  My role, responsibilities and accountabilities
  •  How to coach my agents?
  •  How to manage agent’s performance?
  •  Why recruit agents every month – and how
  •  Closing Techniques
  •  Basic Course in Finance for unit linked products
  •  How to generate HNI leads
  •  How approach HNI prospects
  •  Financial Management of HNIs
  •  Needs Analysis for HNIs
  •  Advanced Course on Finance for unit linked products
  •  Dealing with HNI’s consultants/advisors

Customized and tailor made programs can be designed using the training design expertise of IIST.

The short duration programs can be conducted at any location subject to a minimum of 30 confirmed participants