Successful Development Officers and Agents:  

Why undertake a university MBA or learn financial analysis not related to life insurance when you can have your own personalized management and financial education designed by a person who has designed and managed the curriculum at 2 of the leading management institutes in the country – Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and ICFAI Business School, Pune.

Are you searching for self-development opportunities?

Do you feel that as a successful development officer or as a successful agent the road for self development has hit a road block. Opportunities for training seem limited and most conferences that you attend seem to repeat the same points in different words. Some of you may have tried a MBA course only to find that the content of the Course is not related to the profession that you are in. The MBA is too general in nature. Some of you may have tried professional courses in financial planning only to realize at the end of it that the course content does not work in the Indian context.

You are not alone

You are not experiencing anything that is different from that which many others have experienced. In all the options available for MBA or for financial planning courses either the course content is not directed at the life insurance sector or it is not realistic for Indian markets or the faculty has little or no life insurance experience.

For the First Time in India

Now for the first time IIST offers you a management course designed especially for the Indian market that brings you the essence of management education as required by life insurance sales professionals. Designed and developed by Ashok Kumar (with over 25 years of experience in management education and research and over 10 years of experience in life insurance sales and sales training) the personalized and customized management program will give you

  •  A reason to grow your business much beyond your current levels
  •  The power to create an enterprise of value and not merely as an agency business
  •  An enterprise that people outside life insurance will recognize and value
  •  An enterprise that your children will be proud to operate
  •  An enterprise that will live beyond your life time

Combining the best of management education and life insurance realities we bring you a rigorous, work oriented, practical program : Certified Life Insurance Master (CLIM)

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