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No matterhow successful you have been (or even if you are a beginner) we have a way of making you more succesful.

Powered by the unique SHAKTI coaching model incorporating the best experiences and practices from across the world (completely Indianised), The Institute of Insurance Sales Training (IIST), Pune brings you the power of systematic selling, systematic sales management and practical leadership practices to enhance your performance.


Thousands have benefited since 2005, SO CAN YOU!

  • YOU want to earn more money selling insurance
  • YOU find it difficult to close sales
  • YOU find it difficult to manage agents to achieve targets
  • YOU want to grow your business
  • YOU want to stop the attrition in your team

 Latest Updates & Events:  

 Persistency Norms Have Been Relaxed

The Regulator has diluted the persistency norms that they had earlier stipulated. Vide a Circular issued on 29 September, 2011 amendments were issued to the original circular on the persistency norms.

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 Your chance to earn more money is soon coming your way….

On 9th March 2012 the IRDA issued an Exposure Draft giving proposed guidelines for servicing of orphan and lapsed policies.

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Setting New Standards in Life Insurance Training For


Successful Development Officers and Agents:


If you are earning Rs.30 lakhs and above every year from new business and seek to develop yourself as a business enterprise with a high brand value that you can hand over to your children

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Agents and Direct Marketing:


If you are an agent or direct marketing executive or financial advisor or financial consultant, in any channel of distribution and want to learn the secrets of the masters for high performance

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If you are a branch manager or development officer or sales manager or agency manager or state head or area manager or regional manager or territory manager or unit manager or sales development manager in any channel of distribution and want your career to be highly successful and rewarding

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If you are currently training in a life insurance company or would like to become a sales trainer in a life insurance company and you want to be professionally recognized for the work you do

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Those without work experience:


If you are a person seeking entry to the exciting world of life insurance selling or sales management for the first time, and are convinced that your future lies in selling

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Life Insurance Companies:


Life insurance companies or corporate agents or brokers desirous of enhancing branch/sales team productivity,

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